Frank Cecil Ministries

To seek and to save that which is lost; to edify the body of christ by entering into the presence of god through worship; by manifesting the power and gifts of the holy spirit through healing and miracles as an evangelistic tool to cause churches to grow in the kentucky area and beyond.

Mission Statement

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

Evangelist Frank Cecil was born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1975 through the charismatic movement. For years he prayed for the sick in home group meetings and small churches until, in 2008, he was ordained at Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville Kentucky. He pastored a couple of satellite  churches for five years and then, on the advise of his pastor, he began his ministry as a healing and teaching evangelist. In order to gain more exposure, Frank began the process of obtaining credentials with the Assemblies Of God by taking courses through Global University. Through almost forty years of praying for the sick, he has seen people healed of cancers, tumors, back injuries and many other ailments as a result of the healing anointing that is upon him. His teaching focuses on understanding our covenant relationship with God and getting to know Him through the study of His word, along with the fellowship with the Holy Spirit. He teaches how to hear God's voice and how to live out of a faith, that is centered in God. This faith is what unlocks the power of God in his services. Frank and his wife Diana, were married in 1977 and reside in Louisville Kentucky.