Frank Cecil Ministries


1)  Pastor S. Paul:  This is a wonderful time of learning for everybody, especially for me.  I heard new teaching about the covenant in my life that I have never, ever heard.  We are blessed with the teachings of the anointed man of God, Frank Cecil.

2)  Pastor Ratna:  We learned the importance of meditation.  I got an answer why many servants of God are not able to perform miracles, is because they don't meditate on the Word of God.

3)  Pastor Yohan:  We had delicious spiritual food and tasty physical food in this conference.  It nourished our soul and body.  Thank God for His humble servant, Frank Cecil.

4)  Pastor Das:  I was especially touched by the second day of teaching on "How to Study the Word of God."  I didn't have any idea how to read the Word of God before Rev. Frank Cecil taught this in his class, which is a real blessing to my ministry.

5)  Pastor Ezra:  The most important thing I have learned in this conference, is the importance of meditation.  I came to know through Rev. Frank's teachings that meditation will make stronger our relationship with God.  Thank you minister Frank!  We love you!  

6)  Evangelist Ratnamma:  For 30 years, I have been involved in the ministry.  In all this time I have met many ministers of the gospel, and heard many teachings, but I never, ever met anyone like this man of God, Frank Cecil, and I never ever heard the teachings of the covenant.  Praise God for this teaching!

7)  Pastor Joseph:  I was doing ministry in the (India) villages.  I searched many ways to develop my ministry, and in searching, I got the answers for my questions about the ministry.  This is reading the Word and praying along with meditation.  If we follow this, signs and wonders will follow us!  This is what Rev. Frank Cecil taught to us.  

8)  Pastor Babu Rao:  I was so happy to receive these powerful teachings.  It gives me hope to lead my ministry with the power of the Holy Spirit anointing.  Thanks servant of God, Frank Cecil.

9)  Pastor Praveen:  I am a young man learning the Bible.  At my age, this is very, very powerful teaching that I received from God's servant, Frank Cecil.  He is a man of anointing!  I believe that as he laid his hands on me, his anointing will come upon me.  

10)  Brother Naveen:  It's a wonderful experience for me to be a part of this conference.  The first day of the conference I was not so interested; but after the first session, I came to know that I have so many things to learn from this man of God.  I wish we might have many more days of this wonderful conference.

11)  Pastor Ravi:  My personal experience is this is a Holy Spirit conference.

12)  Pastor Jespaul:  I had many doubts in my mind; but I asked about one particular doubt about what the difference is between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.  Frank Cecil answered, "In the Old Covenant, the Holy Spirit would come upon us, but in the New Testament, the Holy Spirit will live in us through His Word.  That is the difference between the Old Covanant and the New Covenant."  This answer wiped out my other doubts as well.  It's a wonderful answer from the double-anointed man of God.  

13)  Pastor P. Moses:  It's a heart touching teaching.  We found new information and spirituality in Frank Cecil's teaching.  

14)  Sister Mary:  I understand clearly that we became partners in the New Covenant with Jesus Christ.  We belong to God and God belongs to us.  Praise God for sending His servant and reveal this truth to us.

Submitted by:

Pastor Prakesh & Powline from India



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Greetings to you all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. We thank God about our beloved friend and spiritual leader to our lives, Evangelist , Anointed Preacher and teacher Frank Cecil. His trip to India became great blessing to all of us.

As we received the covenant teachings our minds were enhanced to think spiritually and to know the power of the Holy Spirit more and more. We were astonished by the teachings of Frank Cecil because we have never ever heard this type of anointed teaching in our lives. He taught us wonderful secrets from the Bible for the glory of God. He was a man of anointing.

Pastor Jaya Prakash